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What Makes B2C Enterprises Different?
Written by Bruce Bryan   

Our experience and background allows us to quickly understand your situation, make appropriate recommendations, and communicate your needs and goals to others. B2C Enterprises can help you leverage your advertising budget to build impressions and value for you and your organization.

The B2C process is collaborative and open. While most advertising agencies are supremely protective of their client relationships and keep them from the media, we prefer to help our clients stay open to good ideas – whatever the source.

You'll appreciate the difference.

We specialize in ...

Advertising, Business Development and Media Negotiation. We also take care of Web Site Design and Build Projects, Search Engine Optimization, Creative and other consulting work as requested.

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B2C Enterprises Selected To Help Presbyterian Community Center's Dragon Boat Race and Festival Fundraising Event.
Written by Bruce Bryan   

Roanoke, VA - July 2014.

Advertising and marketing agency B2C Enterprises has expanded its non profit portfolio with the addition of The Presbyterian Community Center.

"We are thrilled to be working with B2C" said Karen McNally, Executive Director of Presbyterian Community Center, "We are excited to utilize their expertise and guidance publicizing The Dragon Boat Race and Festival."

B2C Enterprises will work on The PCC creative direction and promotional strategy as they build momentum for the annual Dragon Boat Race and Festival. This year's event is on October 4, 2014 at Smith Mountain Lake's Parkway Marina in Huddleston. This is their third annual event and the awareness of both the fundraiser and the mission of PCC continues to grow. Support generated from the race directly benefits PCC's community initiatives including their after school program, food bank, and emergency financial assistance.

"Presbyterian Community Center is an ideal client for us," said Bruce C. Bryan, President of B2C Enterprises. "They are doing amazing things for people in our area - caring for those in transition and the less fortunate and they have an extremely successful event going already. The Dragon Boat Race and Festival is now in its third year and has a solid base of support. We're looking forward to helping them tell their story while promoting a really fun event!"

Presbyterian Community Center was founded in 1967. The mission of PCC is to prevent hunger and homelessness among low-income residents of the Roanoke Valley. For more information on this event and registration information visit http://smldragonboatrace.com/dragon/home/.

Parallel Problem Solving
Written by Bruce Bryan   

Another Help Thought2Share

Our advertising and marketing agency is located in scenic Downtown Roanoke (www.visitroanokeva.com). With our on street entrance, we have the pleasure of watching people parallel park. There are a lot of different ways to tackle this often challenging task. (My dad taught me the right way, so message me if you want some tips.)

I find humor in watching people determined to get their car into a spot even though they are too far away from the curb or too near another vehicle. Sometimes drivers will see an open spot, but they just can't get their cars to do what they want them to. Squeeze. Turn. Squeeze. Turn. It's just not going to work.

The best course of action with parallel parking when you have a bad approach is to pull out of the space and start all over.

Parallel Parking
Editor's Note: While this is a genuine example of Bruce's fine parallel parking skills, there was no witness to how many tries it took him to get it right.
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