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Below are just a few of the Success Stories we’ve had with our clients



Corvesta is the parent holding company for a family of businesses dedicated to advancing oral health through scientific research, technology, and benefits and practice management. OneMind Health, Revolv, and Corvesta Life Insurance Company are among the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Corvesta, Inc. The Corvesta vision is to be a dominant player in strategic national health related markets through the use of disruptive processes, innovative technology, passionate people, and commitment to excellence.


B2C Enterprises created a completely new brand to be used in an outreach campaign designed to attract IT applicants for employment. In January 2014, Corvesta teamed with B2C Enterprises to hire 26 IT professionals by the end of March of that same year. The campaign, titled “Hire 26,” included the following elements: an internal referral recruitment program, a microsite to coincide with the current careers section of the Corvesta website, web ads (design, placement and tracking), engaging local media, reaching out to key regional colleges and universities and their alumni departments, and creating collateral to promote the campaign. The logo was built from scratch and the campaign came together in a few short weeks. Using current employees and interested parties, an easy-to-remember web site and branding made everyone’s job so much easier.


The cast of the open positions was filled by March 21, 2014 – ten days before their deadline. Over 96% of those Hire 26 new employees remain with the company almost a year later.

      “What Are You
      Doing Tonight?”

The Challenge

For several years, the Cave Spring Volunteer Fire Department (CSVFD) struggled to meet the bare minimum volunteer numbers to function as a sanctioned fire station. With just enough staff to operate two trucks at one time, the department was spread thin. In fact, they faced the threat of a restructuring edict that would eliminate all volunteer positions. The impact on the community would be substantial. Without the CSVFD, an increase in county spending would be necessary to hire full time firefighters. Even at that, other departments would have to respond to fill in the shortage. As a result, roughly 45,000 homes and businesses would see an increase in wait times by an average of eight minutes. As a last ditch effort to avoid these issues, the department was given state funding to use on a recruitment campaign. That’s where B2C Enterprises came in.

The Solution

To create the most effective recruitment campaign for the CSVFD, B2C Enterprises began by conducting multiple meetings with the department’s current top-ranked volunteers. B2C also compiled community statistics and assessed the culture of the department to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Armed with this information and a strong campaign theme, (“What Are You Doing Tonight?”) a recruitment goal of between ten and fifteen new volunteers was established. B2C’s objective was to bring to light the urgency of the CSVFD’s volunteer shortage. With training sessions scheduled for September, B2C set a hard recruitment deadline of August 1, 2016. Utilizing a total communications budget of $13,000, the B2C team created, produced, and implemented the following tactics across multiple platforms.

• 30 Second Video (Used on television, in web video pre-roll, and Facebook)

• Press Releases and News Coverage (Multiple features in local media)

• Social Media Pushes (Posts, call-to-action images, and other boosted content)

• Public Events

• Coffee Shop Meet-and-Greet

• Fire Station Open House

• Printed Materials including Rack cards, Banners, Posters

The Results

In just a little over two months, CSVFD’s recruitment campaign garnered outstanding results. It effectively increased market awareness of CSVFD. It effectively created a sense of what it takes to become a volunteer firefighter and focused on the personal benefits of serving on the CSVFD. Many of the indirect benefits are yet to be identified. More important, the CSVFD recruitment campaign translated into fifteen brand new – ready to be trained – volunteers for The Case Spring Volunteer Fire Department. The department’s goal was achieved – and then some.


Re-Bath of Chattanooga, Tennessee and North Georgia, is a full bathroom remodeler. They specialize in bathtub to shower conversions, walk-in bathtubs, wall surround systems and more. Re-Bath has added a new brand to their existing franchise – 5-Day Kitchens – an exciting new concept in kitchen remodeling.

The Challenge

As a result of a history of “hap-hazard” television buying on the part of an earlier advertising agency media consultant, Re-Bath was lacking consistency and product awareness with TV viewers in the marketplace. Their commercials were too spread out providing little impact. Viewers didn’t remember their commercials. There was no positive outcome. As a result, their advertising budget (and confidence) was shrinking.

They also faced a “creative challenge” – how to incorporate the new 5-Day Kitchens side of the business without sacrificing the Re-Bath side. Clearly, their agency wasn’t helping Re-Bath solve its marketing problems.

They turned to B2C Enterprises to plan and execute a far more efficient and effective media campaign. A media campaign that would increase impact and buying efficiencies throughout the market . . . plus a creative strategy that would focus on both brands; bathroom remodeling (Re-Bath) and kitchen remodeling (5-Day Kitchens).

Our Solution

Our media strategy focused on reaching the largest group of potential Re-Bath and 5-Day Kitchens customers.

The plan works like this:  Rather than attempting to be “on-the-air” every day, we focused on flighting our client’s commercials within three-day groupings. Rather than, for example, airing 30 announcements over seven days on one station, we clustered our commercials in key programs on top area stations within three days. The result: greater impact and greater exposure for our client. All in all, this resulted in maximizing the reach of every commercial message.

Our creative strategy focused on additional impact and enhanced results with the use of :20/:10 “bookend” messages. This concept allowed us to use a :20 commercial featuring our Re-Bath message in the first spot of a commercial break and a :10 placement featuring our 5-Day Kitchens message in the last spot in the same commercial pod. This “bookending” provided our client with perceived importance, brand impact, and frequency.

The Results

• Consistent media weights in the marketplace.

• Significant cost efficiencies.

• Increased reach and frequency within our target audiences.

• Additional impact for both Re-Bath and 5-Day Kitchens brands.

B2C’s media planning and buying skills, coupled with a very unique creative treatment, gave Re-Bath and 5-Day Kitchens of Chattanooga substantially more delivery and visibility for their media investment.

Jefferson Surgical Clinic
Host Series of Successful
Open Houses

The Challenge

Jefferson Surgical Clinic (JSC) is a multi-location independent surgical practice located in Roanoke, Virginia. Recognized throughout Southwestern Virginia, JSC has been a leader in providing a variety of health care services for nearly 60 years.

It is because of the multi-specialty services provided by JSC (Neurosurgery and Spine, Laser Skin Therapy, Audiology, ENT, and more), that a significant challenge arose:  to establish an opportunity for current, as well as prospective patients, to become acquainted with the many treatment opportunities offered by JSC.

Our Solution

JSC, committed to a series of “Open Houses” and “Lunch and Learns,” created by B2C Enterprises. The goal of these events was to focus on the multitude of JSC services and provide attendees with information covering a wide range of specialties. Typical events dealt with such topics as: plastic surgery procedures, hearing aids, ENT procedures, allergies, vascular procedures, and cardiology to name a few.

B2C Enterprises launched a market-wide campaign to create awareness for these events utilizing:

• Email blasts

• Social media

• Print advertisements

• On-Hold messaging

• Radio

• Television

The Results

Obviously attendance varied at each event, depending upon the diversified topics being presented. Many attendees booked appointments on the spot. Others checked back at a later date. Each person who attended became more knowledgeable of who and what Jefferson Surgical Clinic is and the multitude of ways in which they provide patient-centered care. Everyone had their questions answered and became educated about the kinds of services provided by JSC.

A “Strategy
for Survival”
Confusing Times

The Challenge

Muneris Benefits has been providing quality insurance protection (Dental, Disability Income, Retirement Plans, Healthcare, and Life Insurance) to employers, employees, and their families since 1990.Burman Clark, President summarizes the philosophy of Muneris Benefits when he states: “Our commitment to our clients is to understand their needs and create plans and products to respond to those needs. However, beyond that, it’s the way in which we build long-term relationships with our clients that provides the confidence and trust that’s so vital.”So it was in 2013, when new health insurance reforms and new health coverage options appeared on the Virginia landscape. Certainly it wasn’t news that change rather than stability was taking place. Muneris Benefits needed to tell the marketplace they were positioned to play a critical role in identifying and implementing a new “strategy for survival” during these confusing time.Their plan was to reach out to a group of 50 prospective clients with a message that focused on the current confusion in the healthcare market. A message that also positioned Muneris as providing leadership and survival tactics in a changing health care environment.The next step was to talk to their marketing partner, B2C Enterprises, to enlist their help in creating a unique marketing communications strategy for reaching this target audience.

Our Solution

Our team knew that if success was going to be achieved in reaching these busy decision makers, we had to get the Muneris message across quickly, concisely, and in a creative manner.The creative focus was on: “surviving the confusion” due to all the healthcare reform. Our challenge was how best to communicate the message that states: “the key to survival is by having a strong partner and leadership provided by Muneris Benefits.”The solution: an appropriate selection of specialty items individually bundled into a hard-hitting direct mail package sent to each of the top 50 Muneris prospects.
Mailer number one: “Rest easy, Muneris has you covered” – accompanied by a fleece blanket.

Mailer number two: “Don’t be left in the dark. Muneris can shed light on what’s ahead” – accompanied by an LED flashlight.

Mailer number three: “Muneris has the essentials to getting through the new healthcare marketplace” – accompanied by a water bottle.

The Results

The campaign goal was to “open new doors” within the tightly defined group of 50 prospective clients.Following the campaign, Burman Clark stated: “The campaign was a tremendous success. It delivered two brand new clients. Additionally, the campaign provided an opportunity to schedule appointments with twenty-one other prospects."