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The Virginia Association of Broadcasters Selects Charity Formed in Honor of Charlottesville Murder Victim

Roanoke, VA - December 2015

The Virginia Associations of Broadcasters (VAB) is putting their year-long communications effort behind the Help Save the Next Girl Foundationin 2016.

In 2011, Dan and Gil Harrington worked with advertising and marketing leaders to form the Help Save the Next Girl Foundation. The purpose was to draw attention to their daughter Morgan Dana Harrington's murder case while working to protect and care for other young women who may be in vulnerable situations. In years since, the foundation has helped hundreds of families at crisis points, communicated safety messages to young women, raised awareness about violent crime, and assisted the Virginia Legislature on a variety of protection and safety bills.

"This is an outreach project we've been working on for quite some time," said Bruce C. Bryan, President of B2C Enterprises and Founding Board Member of Help Save The Next Girl. "Every media outlet we've asked to help has come through. Working with the Virginia Association of Broadcasters all at once allows us to make a gigantic step forward in uniformly sharing our message."

The campaign to communicate this life-saving message throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia will be supported by more than 150 local radio and television stations, with the gracious assistance of the VAB.

"Help Save The Next Girl was started to make a difference in people's lives and years later we are still doing that," said Bryan. "This alliance with the VAB just helps us spread the word."

To find out more about the Help Save the Next Girl Foundation visit helpsavethenextgirl.com.

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